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Beginning in April we will do a monthly feature on our amazing customers highlighting their achievements and how they have used the Meal Wise Resources in their lives.

Watch for details.

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Hitting "The Wall"!

During you Meal Wise Body Transformation you'll probably hit a "wall" or start to "plateau" when it comes to losing lbs on the scale.  Don't worry or get discouraged if this happens. Like we have said before, change up your eating habits or your workout routine/cardio.

Focus more on how you look, but more importantly on how you actually feel mentally and physically!  Your body will get back on track as long as you keep your mind on track.

So keep pushing and don't give up! We are very proud of all of you.


Workout Wherever you can.

We all have very busy lives with work, family, keeping up with house chores, home work and running the children to their activities. Who has time for FITNESS?! 

Well the truth is, we all do!  We just have to get back to using our imaginations. You can get a workout in at the park you take your children to.  Lots of parks have built in workout stations around them, or you can just use the playground itself. Or you can work out at home in the yard using your own body weight or things around the garage for weights. Or go for a walk around your neighborhood.

Lets start living a healthier life with NO EXCUSES!!!!


Nutrition is key!

For great results make sure you are getting your proper meals in and eating small meals often! This will keep you fueled up and speed up your metabolism! You can always check out our meals ad have them delivered right to you!