Q: What is the Nutritional Info on the Meals? 

A: The Feel Good Menu is appropriately 400 calories or less.

Portions are 3.5oz of Protein Chicken, Turkey or Red Meat
Carbohydrate 3/4 cup
Vegetables 1 cup

Healthy meals full of flavor and nutrition without the unwanted extra calories, salts, sugars and preservatives.  Never Frozen Always Fresh

Q: How does Delivery and Pick up Work? 

A: Check out the Pick up and Delivery tab or click here 

Q: Do You Have Vegan, Gluten Free or Dairy Free Options? 

A: Yes we do, simply look under the shop menu there is a contact form to send us a request for weekly meals that meet your dietary needs.

Q: What's the Deal with Macros? 

A: Macro Info about our meals is on the way.  You will soon be able to find a Macros Tab on this site. We have partnered with Mike Manfre at Team THF to help us provide the balance you need from our meals. If you have interest in a Nutrition plan that is customized for you contact Mike mike@teamthf.com 

Q: Can I freeze my Meals if I don't eat them quickly enough? 

A:  Yes,  Meal Wise delivers your Meals fully cooked and ready to heat & eat. We recommend for freshness that you strive to eat salad and fish meals within the first days of your week. Fish lasts about 4 days chicken and steak over 6 so if you still have meals uneaten simply freeze to preserve them longer. The containers that your meals come in are freezer safe.


Q: I'm having trouble ordering what am I doing Wrong?

A:  Watch this video to help walk you through the process. Here are couple helpful tips that can be easy to overlook.

This video highlights Kitchen pick up orders. If you want another pick delivery option simply select it from the delivery drop down.

Customers picking up at the Kitchen receive reimbursement of their fee when they use the coupon code #pickupatkitchen.


Q: I want to order a different amount of meals OR I don't see a package with the number of meals I want? 

A:  We have an Item called 'Meal Add On' where you can add meals to a package. Here is a video that shows you how to add the meals to a package. Example I want 16 meals place a 14 meal package in your cart and then select the additional meal add on for a quantity of two.  check out this video that shows you set by step.