Would you like to be part of the Weekly Order Program?  If you selected reoccurring or repeat on your first order Meal Wise has sent you an email directing you this this page.

These are the details for setting up weekly orders .
Read over the content on this page and then select the package you would like prepared for you each week from the drop down. Once selected from the drop down click the black subscribe button to submit payment for the reoccurring order.

Thank you for expressing interest in a reoccurring order with Meal Wise Nutrition and Fitness. We understand the convenience a reoccurring order provides and would love to help you simplify your life.

Here is how the program works. The meals you have selected in the ratios that you have noted on your first order will be considered your preference for your reoccurring order . We will use those guidelines when we prepare your  meals each week.

In the event those details or preferences need to be changed us know. The delivery or pick up option that you have selected will also be consistent for your entire meal order period. In the event this is changed it could effect the total for your orders.

We will add you to the Weekly Order system that generates invoices and processes payments each week. You will need to notify us on weeks when the pick or delivery needs to be skipped. The skip must be communicated by Monday morning by 7:00am. The payment for your weekly meals will be processed on the day of the week that you subscribed to the weekly order program.  Example if you sign up on a Saturday your payment will be processed each Saturday for your meals.

The payment method for your reoccurring order will remain consistent. Please notify us if there are changes to your payment info or credit card info and in the event the transaction does not go through on the night processed your order will not be added for delivery and we will notify you. Your order will be post-poned until payment can be processed.

The prices seen in the drop down include Tax and if there is Delivery on your selection. This is the total that will be billed to you each week.

If there are specials or discounts available to you we will adjust the amount of your payment as needed.

In the event you would like to stop, end or suspend your order simply email mealwisesocialmedia@gmail.com by Monday morning to make your change.

Please use this secure link in this page to submit your payment info for a reoccurring order - This is a separate process from any orders you recently placed because our website does not store any specific credit card info after your have completed the transaction. That is to protect you.

At Meal Wise we keep your info confidential use the same type of secure process for this aspect of our order system.  Once you have registered with this link and we have received notification we will email you to acknowledge we have added you to the weekly system.

Let us know if you have questions, need more details on this program.

Thank you 

The Meal Wise Team 

Question? Comments? Need help contact us mealwisesocialmedia@gmail.com 801-641-4081